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Restaurant Delivey PoS Software
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Restaurant Delivery PoS Software

Restaurant Delivery
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Restaurant Delivery PoS
Software Development Since 1986

This Restaurant Delivery PoS Software was developed especially for delivery, take out, and counter service.

Based on the Most Cited Study
in the History of Psychology

Users Say it the Best

These comments are copied from e-mails sent to us. We do not know who they, just their e-mail address and the name in the email. We get a lot similar comments nearly everyday.
  • Thanks for the cool product! your pizza software is AMAZING and simple, it is AWESOME software and has saved my fathers business
  • The software you gentlemen have created is beyond perfect
  • we're in love with your POS!
  • You have an amazing great product!
  • My workers love the new software! Thank you!
  • Honestly I'm so happy with wht I've got & not willing to trade it for nothing coz it's doing the job perfect & much more.
  • Thanks for your help and congratulations, your work is excellent.
  • we all love your program here!
  • it is great & very easy to set up
  • Awesome I like it.
  • it's working perfect.
  • Great work!
  • Thanks for your excellent software.
  • addicted to ur work & i can't wait for the latest updates 
  • I've been running ur software in my shop for a while now! & I can't tell u hw helpful it is. I got a data of my customers with all their details
    I got rid of the pen & paper
    I'm quick at taking orders specially at peak busy hours
    I can track my orders from entry to completion
    Between making pizzas, telling staff what to do, looking after the oven, counter service, phone, deliveries, kitchen.... By a quick look on tht magic screen, I can see hw we running on time, when the delivery driver is coming back so I can place the next order in the oven
    I'm always accurate on price by a single click
    I spend 2 seconds to do my end of the day financial figures
    I get my orders printed instead of getting all staff arguing about hw bad their handwriting is
    & a lot more

    Note: The last comment was sent from an iPhone so he get's a break on typing. Obviously he is very intelligent.

Many Restaurants with a PoS system first take phone orders by pencil and paper then enter them into the PoS Terminal.

One store owner reported that one staff member did not want to use our Delivery Software to take orders. They were told "Use the computer today, then if you want, you can go back to pencil and paper tomorrow". Tomorrow came and they did NOT want to go back to pencil and paper.

What about Service? Sam Kontar of Busters Pizza, in Edmonton AB, called us at 5:26PM and expressed a desire for a second kitchen printer. Exactly at 7:00PM that day, 94 minutes later, Sam was sent an e-mail with a link to an Update of the Delivery Software supporting an additional kitchen printer.

What about Hardware? Systems requirements are simple. If the computer can run Windows 95, 98, ME, 2000, XP, Vista, Server 20XX etc. (any version after 3.11), it can run our software. Any printer that will install a Window Printer Driver on your machine should work. Receipts and Kitchen Printing is optimized for 80mm (3.1") wide paper (also supports 66mm). Reports are output in spreadsheet files or pop up in Window's NotePad, printing optional.

Click Here for System Requirements and Recommendations

With over 20 years experience in PoS software development, we offer you the latest advances in Restaurant PoS Delivery Software.

This software is NOT intended for restaurants with dine in where guests are served by a wait staff.

  • Restaurant Delivery PoS Software
  • PoS Software especially for Delivery Restaurants
  • Fast Simple and Accurate Order Entry
  • One Installation Supports Unlimited Workstations
  • Works for Multi-Restaurant Delivery Service
  • Touch Screen Optimized
  • Uses Caller ID Technology
  • Fewer Caller Busy Signals
  • Less Caller Hold Time
  • Eliminate Delivery Errors
  • Receive More Delivery Orders
  • Easy to Use, No Training Required
  • Increase Sales and Customer Base
  • Increase Customer Retention
  • Low Cost
  • Fast Return on Investment
  • Works with Regular Phones
  • Works with All Phone Systems
  • Easy to Install
  • Very Stable
  • Easy to Maintain

Restaurant Delivery Software

Based on the most cited study in the history of psychology, “Chunk Theory”. This research showed that the mind needs to use, "a process of organizing or grouping the input into familiar units or chunks." It was found that the maximum number of things the human mind could comfortably remember or work with was limited to 5-9 things

This PoS software adapts years of research in human computer interaction, human memory capacity, cognitive thought process, and neuro acceptance of information.

Harvard Study Reveals Faster Service Helps
Create Highly Satisfied Customers

Above price and product quality, the customer prefers fast, friendly, and convenient service.

In this study they discovered a customer category called the Highly Satisfied Customer.

A simple yet sophisticated PoS Software specifically designed for Restaurant Delivery, will help you create more Highly Satisfied Customers of your own.

Harvard Business School Document Number 9-504-016
Starbucks: Delivering Customer Service

Highly Satisfied Customers Improve Sales 1,800%
You can increase your sales 1,800% per customer, according to a Harvard Business School study, by creating highly satisfied customers rather than just satisfied customers. Highly satisfied customers visit more, spend more, remain a customer longer, and recommend you to others. Enhancing your customer service pays off big! If you do business by phone you need our system! The 1,800% does not factor in the new business from referrals. See our Customer Service Study.

Efficiency and Professionalism Creates Highly Satisfied Customers
Every day consumers have more choices. They have become picky and finicky. They’ve come to expect to be treated royally. Telephone busy signals and long hold times are like poison to the restaurant takeout and delivery service. In fact, when surveyed about restaurant delivery service, customers almost always make faster service their first request. A frequent restaurant delivery service complaint is having to repeat their address and directions every time they call. Customer retention is tantamount to business success. One lost customer and loss of their repeat business and referrals can easily cost you hundreds of dollars over time. Treat your customers professionally and efficiently and they will buy more and refer others. Customer retention and referrals are the lifeblood of a growing company. Let us help you grow. Call us.

Creating an Exceptionally Efficient and Professional Staff
So, how can you get employees to work more efficiently and process customer calls faster? Easy. Install restaurant delivery software and Caller ID technology from YES Telecom. On a busy night, delivery calls can be non-stop during peak time. It is already proven that faster handling of those calls using Caller ID technology and delivery software can increase peak sales volume by as much as 20%. Keep those hungry customers coming back for more. Don’t give them busy signals and long hold times. Treat them right. Serve them quickly. Keep them coming back!

YES Telecom is the industry leader in Caller ID technology. We have a long history of providing customized solutions and responsive service – hour after hour, day after day. For detailed information on our products, call us.